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tv   [untitled]    December 14, 2011 2:00pm-2:30pm EST

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look at the global financial headlines today was a report on. the victorious u.s. security contractor formerly known as blackwater banned from iraq over allegations of killing civilians now plans to cash in on the country's uncertain future with a comeback but under another name. the birthplace of libya's rebellion hits the boiling point again tens of thousands in benghazi protest against the new government secrecy surrounding its policies. a russian convoy carrying humanitarian aid to. been stuck at the border over twenty four hours stopped by the police in a move that is a clear sign of the exceeding its authority in the region top stories this hour.
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international news in common live from moscow twenty four hours a day this is the u.s. troops prepare to leave iraq thousands of contract is a moving in to make it back in the country devastated by war and one of them is the world's most infamous mercenary company formerly known as blackwater the firm was once banned from iraq of allegations of indiscriminate shooting of civilians but now it's trying to wash away the bloody taint by rebranding itself for a second time it's not to be called academy thomases in baghdad with more. well companies construction companies companies that will need to come in and help the country rebuild all of those companies are going to need their own security as well and one of the companies that wants a piece of that is well known
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a controversial name blackwater under a different name now known as academy now crowder expelled from the country in two thousand and seven he has a bit dubious practices and questionable tactics especially after the massacre at square where seventeen civilians were killed after this incident the iraqi government suspended their business license to do business in the country of iraq after this he tried to reinvent themselves and come back under the guise of x. services and now it looks like the company is trying to reinvent themselves again so that they can get a piece of this contracting pie now let me give you one example as to the types of contracts that this new academy company is interested in. security cooperation is expected to have two hundred military personnel stay back to help train iraqi special forces and the iraqi military in addition to do two hundred
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military personnel there's seven hundred contractors civilian contractors are expected to stay as well to have training the iraqi military academy once a little bit of that pie is expected but beyond this it is expected that all of these companies coming into the country as the u.s. pulls out they're going to need their own security services as well and academy wants to make sure that they get in on the ground floor as the u.s. troops leave of course interesting development information company blackwater trying to come back to iraq after having been expelled in two thousand and seven after questionable practices in baghdad sean thomas our team. you know they will says put to jack rice a lawyer and former cia officer who's done extensive research into blackwater's operations in iraq he told me that although the company is blamed for having an awful lot of blood on its hands it's still likely to get new contracts in the country they have very deep pockets and they also have very very good connections you can call this company anything that you like whether it's blackwater whether
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it's the whether it's academy whether it's john smith it doesn't make any difference the sad part is though is that if you go to a restaurant and you have a bad meal just because they change their name on the front door does that mean the food's going to be any good when you have this close relationship between essentially mercenary groups they're not us government or european or brits or german or anybody else these are actually independent companies that you hired to do things that you don't want to do the real question is the ability to control them and the americans did not do this very well that one of the biggest problems that they had was i think they didn't want to they wanted to be able to show certain things to these guys and say i don't want to do this my problem is that there is a certain culture that blackwater has and you can change a couple of the guys at the top of the heap they're hiring the same kinds of people they're doing the very same way they're doing much of the same work and the leadership comes from the same places with the same connection so my fear is the failures of the past and they have been dramatic will continue into the future chat
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rice talking a little earlier and aunty well with all eyes now on how iraq will fare on its own off to u.s. forces pull out we look back at how the war began richard perle one of the chief architects of the u.s. campaign shared with r.t. his views on the justifications and failings behind the invasion of iraq in that interview is coming your way in the next town. stead of turning things over to the iraqis more or less immediately we got involved in an occupation and occupations are never popular and the fact that we were an occupying power was very important in the development of the insurgency against the occupation. that interview coming our way a little later here in r.t. the streets of benghazi libya are once again the focal point for crowds of angry
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libyans only this time they're protesting against the country's new government for two days tens of thousands of protesters have been demanding more transparency and honesty from the national transitional council the demonstrators are infuriated by secrecy surrounding the country's decision making and finances the city of benghazi was where the rebellion began and ultimately ended forty years of colonel gadhafi is rule patrick ase reporter for the online magazine spite told me earlier that the libyan people have finally realized the m.t.c. fall short of representing their interests. the national transitional council was never actually really part of a democratically forged libya anyway they were never on the streets really fighting for the with the libyan people against gadhafi a lot of them in fact in other countries at the time waiting for my speech helicoptered in and it was safe enough to enter tripoli it was made up of gadhafi cronies people who were basically cherry picked by the west as being people to
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represent the libyan people now we have a situation where the libyan people are saying you have got a minute these people don't represent of we don't even really know who they are. two months after the end of the civil war in libya changes are expected in almost all areas of life there but in one of the most important parts of the country's future education the serious doubt that change will be for the best given a record high literacy rate reached under gadhafi is rule some parents now oppose a total tearing up of the curriculum the position of new values on their children are these reports. it's a new day in the new libya but it starts with an old preacher oh students assembled before classes to see a new flag be hoisted and to sing a new national anthem. like the revolution the rich tricolor and the hume is a flashback to the pretty good afi era with a few verses tweak to represent in the action of the country's recent liberation
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decades on the good of the school even students were expected to memorize long passages from his brain will ever question that and it looks like this tradition may continue i did manage to deceive us while his children are too young to understand the meaning of life in this story of the new relish their answer they're already expected to know it by heart next comes a speech that an ambiguous play explains who are the heroes of the new libya how were the rebels to talk how to gain freedom they told us to how the had high they taught us to not our country this is the only new material students in this triple a school have learned since september regular classes like math or chemistry are suspended until january when the new curriculum is expected to be introduced minister but it will include will definitely introduce foreign languages into the
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curriculum now kids will start studying english from the first grade because they have to be prepared for university and again in the meantime the students are preoccupied with making drawings and trinkets to commemorate the february seventeenth revolution teachers here say they try their best to explain to students what has happened in libya over the past few months in this chemical that nobody tells us what to tell students who are free to say whatever we want we don't say bad things about gadhafi in fact we don't talk about him at all here as they say sometimes that picture is worth a. thousand wards to get out the employees and carpet not just a year ago adorned the principal's office is now strategically placed in front of the door several hundred copies of his green book from the local library have been thrown away the forty two years of his rule that how bring libya's literacy rates from twenty six to about ninety percent is a distant memory he did a good things but what she did of the past eight months for britain it is there are
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no you don't people don't talk about what you know what she does doesn't move she turned over to her but what she did in the past eight months is caring and. nurturing on a four hundred fifty students that attended this school a year ago half are still absent some fled the country others were pulled down by their parents who disagree with the new values talk here those who laugh and roundest traders have to speak i think it's better to catch you know when i have something bad about the gadhafi well the study of english was banned under gadhafi words like freedom and revolution a familiar to every first grader here but when asked what's the difference between gaddafi is jimmy here which literally means power of the masses only be a new democracy both students and teachers are lost i don't actually know that i was just that teacher of some boycott artsy. from the arab spring to
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occupy wall street protest has been making history throughout two thousand. time magazine has pulled over in the streets all over the world even resulting in a regime change in some places. unexpected recipients of this year's person of the year. that's the owner and they travel through north africa and the middle east then the u.s. europe and russia. all become clear also on the web. return of the king of martial arts legend if your daughter. goes to japan to challenge one of its top fighters. the man known as the last emperor is up against auntie dot com.
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moscow says the european union is abusing its mandate in kosovo by holding a russian convoy carrying humanitarian aid to serbs in kosovo it is still stuck at a checkpoint in the border area after being stopped by e.u. controlled police. never ports for serbs in the country this delay will mean a critical shortage of vital supplies. a humanitarian mission turned international scandal more than two dozen russian trucks filled with food and household items destined for serbia and kosovo was stopped on the border of the disputed territory by albanian officials and members of ulick's a police mission operated by the e.u. the stop which was an entirely political decision. was blackmailing us according to the russian side looks official demanded an order for the aid to be led through the convoy needed to be
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a score to him to serbia and kosovo albanian forces or it could end the course so it didn't obey you know when it's the checkpoint. being asked to comply with these conditions were being forced to recognize institutions in the news or russia or serbia accept and which exceed the un mandate for kosovo that are this is a new chapter in a crisis that has rocked kosovo since the summer the territory has been controlled by ethnic albanian since a bloody conflict in one thousand nine hundred nine this by declaring independence in two thousand and eight kosovo is still home to more than one hundred thousand serbs and albanians tried to impose their border controls under so been part of the territory in july the serb minority put up barricades fearing the bond with serbia would be broken and a foreign authority would be imposed upon them since then there have been constant clashes broken up by temporary agreements for many serbs stopping the humanitarian mission is another's muscle flexing but albanian border officials while the trucks
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remain trapped on the border and the driver said the inside the situation wouldn't serve in kosovo continues to be grave says on a specific from red cross says that nearly half of all serbs in kosovo need aid to survive she misses this house regularly just sixteen people living inside it all refugees driven out of their homes in one thousand nine hundred nine now in use where three sisters. our husbands go out every morning to do our jobs there no parent it was for refugees some days still bring back five euros sometimes nothing today we may have food on the table tomorrow maybe not it's now down to moscow prishtina and belgrade to deal with the political fallout meanwhile down on the ground the standoff is taking a tangible toll on the minority leader of. kosovo and eagle continues to monitor the situation on the troubled border and you can
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follow his twitter updates to stay on top of the story we can see and for the moment one of his latest tweets he reports that a second russian aid convoys on its way from romania to kosovo with everyone wondering if this one will be allowed to pass we should wait and see and follow that story at r.t. underscore. the greek economy already teetering on the brink has taken another turn for the worse that's the verdict coming from the international monetary fund officials sturdy inspectors visited the country to check whether it's meeting the conditions
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set up by international creditors if the demands are not fulfilled greece won't get a second lifeline the one hundred thirty billion euros for our jimmy page and leader of the u.k. independence party says the hands of eurozone struggle is a tide while they are trapped within the block. don't forget that politicians will always defend the status quo they will always tell you that if what we have now doesn't continue to exist the sky will fall in they'll be family floods pestilence and it'll all be a complete disaster we've seen this before many times over the years the reality is that the breakdown of the euro in the short would be tough because many many european banks would go bust and probably have to be nationalized but as we've seen with iceland who back in two thousand and eight let some of their banks go bust except of the situation three years on they going back to growth i think the biggest threat we face now in europe is to keep countries like greece and portugal
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and ireland and possibly even spain and italy to trapped inside an economic prison stripped of their democracy i mean literally the governments of greece and italy were removed by these bully boys in brussels the bigger threat is they stay inside this thing and they die a slow economic death and they finish up with unemployment figures that are so high that there is even a risk that europe returns to extremism and maybe even fascism so let's get the bad news out of the way let's have the breakdown and you know what a few months of the world see very it will seem very much rosier now you've arrived there and cross talk show is taking on new organizations whose decisions trigger roller coaster rides on the markets peter the man and his guests are rating the rating agencies and that's coming up in about fifteen minutes from now here on r.t. . one of the issues one of the problems with trying to make the ratings better
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through issuing having fines or having a system of penalties is that people like richard just say well we should just get rid of ratings altogether because they're obviously conflicted and stupid let's get rid of them but you know what they're just plays in that place is not only radiator in a sense because we don't get stronger i merely say let's get a real system sells because you have these voices saying let's get rid of richard go ahead well that's mischaracterizing my position a little because i didn't say let's get rid of ratings of course we need ratings i said let's get you know let's not tinker with a system that's so broken in terms of its incentives. crosstalk a little later on r.t. . talk one of the greatest space pioneers in history has passed away at his home in moscow two months short of his one hundredth birthday born in one hundred twelve he was innovator at the cutting edge of rocket science along with his mentor colleague
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of he was behind almost every major soviet space launch in particular he most demanded the world's first cosmic help post the mir space station. from the russian academy of cosmonaut it says. had already become a legend before he passed away. he was born in the right place and. he took a full advantage to it he was the man to be catered to what he was doing. and he was a blessed the rural career. he was special for space. above all he will be remembered for two things for us that he was one of the major contributors to the design of the. vehicle and he will also be remembered for roy being. a revolutionary called people. which could be called a new generation. of the russian cosmonaut x.
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. here's a look at what else is making news around the world before we get the business news with kareena. which appears to show the ongoing conflict in syria where activists say another twenty five have been killed flames and black smoke was seen rising from a building in the eastern city of homs on tuesday night syrians of close their businesses over recent days as part of a general strike u.n. estimates five thousand have been killed since protests began but that is disputed by damascus which says the figure is biased and based only on the word of rebels. pictures are emerging of more dean number than the the man who launched a gun and grenade attack in belgium he killed five and wounded more than one hundred twenty others before killing himself on tuesday tributes are being paid to the victims with many people laying flowers at a makeshift memorial set up at the site of the shooting police have found the body of a female house cleaner in a shed belonging to the gunman who reportedly killed the woman before carrying out
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his brutal assault. tens of thousands of gazans took to the streets in gaza city on wednesday to celebrate the twenty fourth anniversary of the ruling hamas faction the demonstrators showed support for the movement ahead of the parliamentary elections slated for the coming spring took control over the gaza strip in the two thousand and seven election after political infighting with the western backed palestinian movement. and agreement to hold the vote and form a unity government was reached in late november as the first steps towards sponsored reconciliation deal signed earlier this year. maoists us protesters building up camps as quickly as authorities tear them down but there are some encampments far from major cities that have been around for much longer and its occupiers have felt deserted for years and the star visited one of them. tent cities of outrage popping up all across the u.s. over the last months lets visible to the public eye and much quieter.
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this tent city of hopelessness around for half a decade this is our third time at the village tucked away in the woods in about two years the number of homeless turning to the camp for hospitality keeps growing these days the population of tent city has tripled compared to when it was first set up the police is home to about seventy homeless people who have nowhere else to go the mood here has become increasingly politicized over the last year the politicians and the government has not protected the american people they've allowed outsourcing to run rampant and it's benefiting companies. corporations are making more money than they've ever made before the average american worker and a citizen is suffering at the expense of the agenda of the politicians. forty six year old angelo of the with
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a love for confidence lost everything in the recession and has never found a full time job again it seems to be a growing trend unfortunately and you know the politicians but it's a note and try to stop their bickering and get to do something to you know to stop this or slow it down or to make it better a bricklayer for two decades angelo calls himself a victim of the economy and this place home as if the sorrow of these people wasn't enough officials have been trying to evict the homeless out of the camp they try to force out the poor discrimination by design for the sake of keeping the pushing the poor out and encouraging the wealthy or the people with money to you know to move into your town. wealth inequality has been at the root of the anger for occupy wall street protesters. but some of these homeless seem far from the demonstrators i support them but i think our our situations are a lot different you know we're homeless we had one no we have nowhere to sleep i'm
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sure they have places to go when they're done the little rally many of the residents of tent city used to blame themselves for their misfortune but with three point five million americans experiencing homelessness every year or over seven hundred thousand people on any given night their message for politicians has changed open your eyes. open you know i mean. all this help that we give out. all over the world we need help here but as night settles help us far from here and our t. lakewood new jersey. amount of our top stories on the way for you very shortly with me in the meantime the business but it's in with kareena. bill hello and welcome to business british russian venture taking b.p. says it's going to invest ten billion dollars in arctic oil production this will
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include infrastructure of the oil fields and links to the export pipelines mainly and to china the move follows the failed arctic alliance between b.p. and ross never was blocked by the russian partners in taking b.p. . gas problem says the south stream pipeline to ferry russian gas to europe will have its terminal point in italy earlier the state's energy giant i'd also at central european location add gas infrastructure was seen as an advantage but vienna backs rival pipeline project nabucco causing gas from to switch to war lately but emotional capital says this also makes better commercial sense. the gum tree which is provided for the guest room wipes enjoy a certain. bit of development maybe some future discounts maybe some privileges so it's obviously it's a mutual it's a win win situation. and i think you to lead in the way you found
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it so right now. may be offering guess brome a bit rates. to look at the markets now first although it's quite heavy down no worries over falling demand particularly in europe opec has also been holding a meeting of the organization has agreed to maintain production at thirty million barrels a day however no mechanism was agreed to cut supply if demand should fall further now let's cross over to the u.s. where stocks decline on wednesday commodity related shares were pressured by strengthening u.s. dollar and sparked a sell off in the energy and the material sector as a fall year at high tide in banias keeping europe's debt crisis in focus as well now here's europe where stocks and lower on wednesday people to close over two percent in the red while the dax lost one point seven percent metro among the main decliners on the dax it shed three and a half percent and here in russia markets and lower as well the r.t.s.
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lost one point two percent to my six close nearly half a percent in the red now let's have a look at some individual cheval some of my specs on the downturn energy can stocks be the last over half a percent russia second largest lender plans to cut its borrowing next year by fifty percent as yields climb versus other developing countries oil company they have ended lower that's despite the company's net profit rising fifty percent in the first nine months of the year and financial group of cases deadline has also reversed from early against the company's third quarter net profit rose seventy five percent to three hundred nineteen billion dollars. well for investors to rush also be able to claim back a value added tax on a good spot here one then leave purchase taxes currently fifteen percent of the only goods costing more than three hundred fifteen dollars will be subject to refund the system will apply to clothes shoes electronics seventy years and food
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two hundred retailers are expected to join the scheme which will start in the first half of next year. well that's all the business we have for you this wednesday evening but we're back tomorrow with more financial news thanks for watching. culture is the same of you are going to try to build on earnings most of us learn something different it's
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a pretty really easy all powerful financial believes for profit or necessary evil is watching governments and companies i mean grossly stumbled. to. susan to. fix these. six. thanks. thanks. to british science.


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